Machine safety

In any automated production process, the #1 priority is protecting the employees.

Since 1975, Electro-Mag has been providing innovative solutions in machine safety in the industry.

A proud partner of manufacturers at the forefront of the production of safety solutions, and thanks to the experience acquired in several types of applications, Electro-Mag has become an essential partner when it comes to securing hazardous areas and workstations.

  • Protective light curtains
  • Safety laser scanners
  • Security cameras
  • Safety photoelectric sensors
  • Safety switches for pivoting protective devices
  • Electromechanical safety switches
  • Interlocking safety switches
  • Contactless safety switches
  • Cable-operated safety switches
  • Safety position switches
  • Safety authorization switches for setting or maintenance mode
  • Two-hand safety control systems
  • Safety encoders
  • Safety mats
  • Safety edges
  • Protective inductive loop detectors
  • Motion detection radars
  • Smart 3D assistance systems for anticipating collisions involving mobile equipment
  • Guards and protectors for machine-tools
  • Mesh protection and protective modular systems
  • Hot spot detectors
  • Safety control systems & safety relays
  • Intrinsic barriers & signal isolators & safety I/O modules
  • Light and sound alarms
  • And more…
Machine safety

Safety PLCs, distance and fluid sensors, magnetic sensors for actuators and photoelectric sensors, encoders, proximity and registration sensors, safety switches, flow measurement, 2D-3D vision, safety curtains and scanners

Automated safety devices, safety switches, and curtains

Safety mats and stoppers, forklift detectors

Signalling products

Modular safety fences and machine guards

Connection boxes for networks

safety radar system