Headquartered in Italy, Satech is one of the market leaders in modular protection systems for machinery, robots and industrial environments.

Satech produces and distributes solutions for securing machines and production lines, in accordance with European (EN) and international (ISO) directives.

Their modular steel perimeter protections and their accessories can become real personalized solutions for companies here and around the world.

Total management of the manufacturing process within our production units ensures a quality product, down to the smallest detail. Since its creation, Satech has brought innovations throughout the industrial sector thanks to its exclusive patents, its know-how and the constant improvements made to its products.

Research, development, design, production, logistics and customer service: Satech is the benchmark for workplace safety.

Here is a summary of some products available at Satech

Wire mesh and security panels.

Satech offers you a wide range of modular mesh panels and protection. They are handy, resistant, reliable and easy to install. We find there;

  • The BASIC Series, which is used for all machine and production line protection.
  • The STRONG and HEAVY Series, which is used in so-called “heavy” conditions such as industrial robotics or the steel industry.
  • The GREEN FAST series which is a postless protection system designed to combine simplicity, speed of assembly, economy of use and versatility.
  • Panels with frame and filling option available in various materials composed or cut to size (these products are available on request only)
  • Frameless panels: Versatile, solid and modular
  • Adapta Guard, ideal in any situation with a high risk of impact from mechanical tools. easy to assemble thanks to its practical connection system.

Satech also offers a large selection of doors; swing, folding, sliding with guides or free passage, special hybrid and multi-stage, vertical and tilting doors. The choices are varied and adaptable to all your installations!

A choice of 150 locks and safety interlocking is available in addition to Satech doors.

  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical with integrated safety switch: D-FenceLOCK
  • Interlocking

Designa - Free Design Software

DISEGNA is a powerful design software made available to customers and distributors to facilitate quote requests. The simple and intuitive interface is based on the same software used by their technicians and includes the entire database of Satech products. You can start your project by drawing on a blank page or by importing an existing plan (dwg, dxf pdf, etc.). In just three clicks, you will have the list of components for your price offer. With DISEGNA your security will never have been more within reach!

A complete range of accessories ensures maximum versatility and numerous possibilities of customization for your installations. You can consult the Satech website or your Electromag representative for more details on all their products.


Are you using the best guarding system on the market?
Are you using the best guarding system on the market?
SaTech Safety Guarding is the most effective modular guarding system in North America.